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We are all busy in our life.  We fill our life with busyness.   We rush, here and there.  Perpetually in motion, never quiet.  Keep busy.  Don’t stop.  Don’t’ think.  Don’t feel.

Nagging, behind it all; a vague sense of dissatisfaction, an impression, there must be more.  Unhappiness creeps in, spreading down into the roots of our soul.

Stop!  Pay attention!  Unhappiness left unchecked, destroys all that comes in contact.

Still your body, quiet your mind. Breathe.  Breathe.  Let the sounds around you fade into the background.  Let the tension drain away.  Just be.  Remember what makes you happy.  Remember what brings you joy.  Seek it out.  Welcome happiness back into your life.  Focus.  Hold it in your heart.  Let all else fall away.

Happiness that is looked for, that is sought and cherished – will begin to fill your soul.  Happiness can’t be contained.  It naturally spreads and grows.   As it grows, happiness changes all.

Stop.  Find your happiness.  Let it spread.

Blessed be.